Game name: EcoVatar
Members: Michal Zuchowski, Roman Dorosh, Blaz Kugonic, Katie Rice
Mentor: Mykola Kozlenko.

Game description:

“Hi, You are late too to work, because of these enormous traffic jams? If people only would have something to encourage them to leave their cars in the garage, without feeling that they are sacrificing something. Fortunately, I’m working on something like that, want to look closer?”

Easy to use, comfortable and reliable ticketing service, with an integrated game to keep users committed to the app. Ticketing service allows us to quickly buy and access tickets on our device for control. With every ticket we buy in the application, the user gains some amount of coins that he could spend on his virtual pet- avatar. App includes a shop where we can buy cosmetics for our avatar and achievements system with rewards for using application and public transport. App also shows users a simple chart of reduced CO2 emission by using the app. Microtransactions allow players to get coins directly through real money they spent.