Game name: Mia in Lodz
Members: Aljaž Žel, Weronika Miksa, Agathe Dekerle
Mentor: Helena Akerlund

Game description: 

Imagine, it’s the weekend and you don’t know what to do with your children. We have an app where you connect with your children by playing educational mini-games, where they learn about the environment in a fun way with the help of our mascot squirrel Mia. It would be completely free without any microtransactions. Our main income would come from companies that would buy the license. Let’s say a bank would buy the license, We would add it’s logo and mascot to the game and the bank would then distribute it through their own sources, for example to kids when they create an account. Children make the future, and we’re here to help them.

Our mascot Mia is a squirrel who lived in a beautiful and clean park. 

Then she noticed that people weren’t paying so much attention and started polluting her home. She was sad and desperate because she cannot save the park alone. She needs your help to clean it. You would need to go with her through the park to do various tasks, like cleaning the pond and picking up trash.

You need to hurry, because the situation in the park is getting worse and worse. She wants to help people realize that what they are doing is wrong!