Game name: Scancycle
Members: Jake Reddy, Miha Lenko, Mateusz Pieczyński, Domen Kirn Krefl
Mentor: Derek O Reilly

Game description: 

The third (3rd) biggest issue hindering global recycling is inefficient quality of sorting. The annual cost is monumental and the solution is you, the consumer. Contamination leads to 25% of plastic waste going straight to the landfill.

We will solve this issue by using a mobile application to teach the consumer how to recycle. When you open the application the camera will open to scan the unique EAN code of a product. After the EAN code was scanned it will be cross referenced with the data entered by the manufacturer from our database. After confirmation of the product by the user, the process of recycling will be shown to you in the form of animations or text, with an emphasis on ease of use. This process will teach you how to recycle the packaging without risk on contamination.