Game name: Forarg
Members: David Prescott, Jessica Savage, Mark Zohar,Patryk Góra, Timi Vovk
Mentor: Jose Morais

Game description:

The game’s theme will focus on walking around different locations and taking photos of the plants or fungi encountered in order to learn more information about them and add them to our virtual collection. Our game’s setting is our own real world. We can go everywhere and take pictures of basically every plant that we encounter. The genre of this game will be a location-based collecting game.

Our app was designed to get people to recognise the beauty of our planet by giving users a unique and fun experience that they can do with friends and family. All users have to do is go for a walk and experience nature first hand. The two main ways for users to get points is by either adding plants to our app or by collecting them. To add plants to our app users must simply take a picture of the plant, if the plant is not in our database then the user can add it and write a short description of the plant. To collect items users must search our map to find a plant that is nearest them, then they go to that location to collect the plant. If users add plants to our app they gain more points than they would by just collecting them.

Users can also trade items with other users, not only will the plants be transferred to the other user but the points that are associated with the plants will be transferred to the user also. Users with the most points will be added to our leaderboard. Our app also tracks how much the user is walking in a day and it will also show users local walking trails that our users can explore.